Thank you for visiting my website. Photographic inspiration comes from wherever my travels or fancy take me. My interests are eclectic: flowers, sunsets, architecture, landscapes, B/W, but I would say my main interests are landscape and travel photography. I hope you enjoying viewing them as much as I like shooting. By the way, I have found the Internet Explorer browser to display a certain "over-saturated" look to these photos; for best results use Chrome or Firefox or some other color-managed browser.

Please sign my Guestbook and take the time to share your thoughts regarding specific photographs or the site in general; a simple hello is much appreciated. If you notice a problem with the site, I would appreciate a heads up. Also, consider visiting my blog to see what I am currently doing. If you like what you see here or there, please share with your friends!

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Arches, Canyonlands, Monument Valley

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Arches, Canyonlands, Monument Valley

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Guestbook for DavidEckelsPhotography.com
10.P Liam Green(non-registered)
I Love all your landscapes really wish we had the wide open space here on the east coast. I have to say your work has really improved, keep up the good work. I hope to have some of my work posted before the summers over, but with over 8,000 photos to cull through it's a rather daunting task to say the least.
You've come a long way and you're still going. Don't stop. When I go to a play, as an example, I simply go to be entertained, not to try to analyze the playwright's intent (message). If it stimulates any of my emotions then I am a happy theater goer. When I look at a photo I don't try to analyze the photographer's intent nor try to embody some hidden meaning. If I "like" the photo, it's simply because the photographer struck a common chord with me. If it's something I can identify with, then we are bonded. You are doing it.
Hal, you are too kind! Thanks for being a friend and mentor!
7.Hal Wallace(non-registered)
Well, Dave I see you have come into your own. The artist and Meta-Physician have surfaced, and I must say I am both proud of and awestruck at your emerging vision! Best Wishes and thanks for sharing.
Your friend
Hal Wallace
nice work-thanks
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